Flowers are my favorite hobby. They have beauty, their own language, require a lot of care and perseverance, and are just downright beautiful. I'm very lucky where I live to have space to plant and planter boxes that line the streets(not pictured here) where we have taken over the landscaping duties(our landlord approves and loves it). 

In the Spring of 2014 our garden provided a plethora of flowers before the heat of the summer took over. And thanks to local farmers markets, we had bouquets of flowers just about every weekend that I found very difficult to part with. 

I started saving the wilting flowers as I just couldn't say goodbye, so that's when this happened... and has continued to happen.

I save the flowers from the month, and spell out the months when I feel I have enough. It's been a great way to reflect on the month and look forward to the next. 

Special thanks to Rose Candi Flower Farm, my friend Emily for getting married and letting us take home flowers, the Metzger Zinnia patch in Woodland, and Anna Miller for bringing home bouquets on the weekends. 

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Thanks for viewing!  Calendars for 2016 are ready! Please use the contact page and get in touch to order. Thanks!

Featuring Big, one of our three cats.

Featuring Orange, the neighborhood cat.

The City of Leaves Addition. Sacramento is actually the City of Trees, but adjusting that title seemed appropriate this time of year.

Hooray! Finished Monthly Floral Therapy in April 2015, and made the 2016 cover in October. Here are a few behind the scenes of what this patio space looks like at other times. Thanks for checking out my work! Enjoy!

What the patio looked like on September 18, 2014

What the patio looked like on November 9, 2014

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