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Weddings are definitely a good reason for some self love, self care, and pampering! Not only for yourself, but for your partner. :) In case you didn’t know, I’m getting married in less than one week and I am seriously excited! Everything is ready to go, and I’ve been saying for a couple weeks that we could get married tomorrow.

Despite being prepared, the nerves are still present. Am I going to forget something? Are we going to have time to talk to everyone? Am I going to be crying the entire day? So many unforeseen questions that will be answered the day of. I’m trying to live in the moment and be present, but it’s hard when a day you’ve been planning for over a year is finally near. 

With that, I’ve taken it upon myself to give myself a little extra love. I got my hair done, went to the chiropractor, had an acupuncture session, and have been going to the gym just about every day. I even got one of those jade face rollers that are hitting the headlines these days. It feels good to take extra good care of myself. 

The hair part of my pampering was done thanks to Misty at Wild Heart Beauty. Wild Heart is a beauty collective of awesome ladies who work in a salon on J Street. They offer services like hair cut/color, microblading, esthetician, hair threading, and more, including wedding services! 

Misty, owner and lead Wild Heart, is our hair and make up artist for our wedding day and we couldn’t be more excited to have her there. Recently, I had the pleasure of snapping some photos of her and her amazing team in West Sacramento at a gorgeous art installation. 

Since I’ve blogged at least once a month so far this year, I wanted to keep up that trend and share some recent work before I’m out for the wedding. 

I love this collaboration! It was so fun to shoot at such a cool art piece in our city, with a rad local team. We shot individual portraits and group shots around the space. Here are some of my favorite photos. 

The piece is “Subtile” by Federico Díaz.

The Team is Wild Heart Beauty

The Blog Bloc March ‘18 Mixer at Urban Hive

The Blog Bloc is a community for Bloggers in Sacramento that was founded by my dear friend Kachet of The Kachet Life last year. Kachet is a long time blogger that recognized Sacramento needed a place for bloggers to get together.

I’m not a consistent blogger, but I’ve definitely toyed with it over the years, and made it a goal of 2018 to blog at least once a month! If I was really good, I’d blog every shoot, but that’s a goal I’ll work on this year (or next), but that’s besides the point.

I’m here to chat about this month’s Blog Blog event at the Urban Hive in Sacramento. The topic was “Community and Collaboration”, and to say the event was a hit is an understatement. The panelists included Kachet as a moderator, Rebecca from Creative Mornings Sacramento, Ruthie Ridley Blog, Erica from Fit Crawl, and Zayn from The People of Sacramento.

All of these individuals are passionate, creative, kind and make it a priority in their blog/business to connect, communicate, collaborate, and LOVE their city. Being in a room of people dedicated to learning, listening, along with hearing these panelists discuss and share their experiences was SO inspiring. 

While I was bouncing around photographing the event, I couldn’t help but stop and put my camera down so I could soak in what these individuals had to say. While I left my notebook at home, I did make many mental notes of some key points I want to share with you. 

  • While putting yourself out there might be scary, it’s always worth it to do so rather than hold back.
  • The energy that you put out into the world will come back to you. Put out positivity, and you will get that back in return. Manifest the energy and creativity you strive for.
  • Just show up! And smile. Say hi to people. Someone else might be just as scared to be there as you.
  • “Networking” might be a scary word, especially for the introverts of the world, but it can be ground breaking to get yourself out of your shell.
  • Share ideas!
  • Find people to join your team and support you!
  • Being vulnerable is part of the process. Vulnerability makes you grow.
  • As cheesy as it sounds, Dream Big!! Go for what you want, and don’t let follower count or popularity stop you. If you have an idea or vision, go for it! 

That’s the gist of it! The creative energy in the room was vibrating, and I couldn’t wait to share this post! 

Thanks for reading. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the event and the gorgeous space that is the Urban Hive!

Sasha and Dylan

Really wonderful shoot for the books! Sasha and Dylan met me at the UC Davis Arboretum over the weekend. We got a break between the rain, and the sun just barely came out to play during our shoot. Thank goodness! 

We started at the Redwood Groove and made our way down the Arboretum trail (which is 3.5 miles long, I really want to walk the full length soon!) and made our way down towards the pond, stopping at blooming bushes and trees along the way.

Dylan and Sasha just had their two year anniversary, so it was really special to help celebrate such a sweet occasion with my camera! They are a really sweet couple, and were fun getting to know while taking photos and admiring Sasha’s hair.

I especially love the glow in some of the photos, thanks to the dark clouds with sun shinning through. I had a really fun time editing them, and love having new faces in front of my camera. For the camera folks, I mostly used my Canon 5d Mark III with a 100mm lens and a Canon 60d with a 35mm lens. 

The Davis Arboretum is such a nice place to shoot. I love that every time I go, something different is in bloom, and you find a different path to follow or bridge to cross. 

So thankful to the places my camera takes me and and the people I get to meet along the way.

Thanks for reading along. Until next time!

Love, Christina

PS. Sasha has a blog that you can see here and on Instagram @sashabonar

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