2020 goals, a personal post

Hi! Happy Friday.

It’s my first blog post since October, and the first post of this year.  I haven’t blogged in months because October/November were my busiest months of the year, then we moved, and then came the holidays.

I am overcome with gratitude to think that I took my business full time and bought a house in the same year. I couldn’t have done that with out the support of my beautiful wife, Anna, and the guidance of our families. 

I’m excited about 2020! January is my time for planning and intention setting for the year. 

It’s becoming tradition to take the first week of the year off while my wife, Anna, a teacher, is home for winter break. Taking that time off together to reset, relax, and enjoy is the most refreshing way to start the year. We staycationed and enjoyed our new home. It was lovely.

Last week I transitioned back into work after a week off. I caught up on editing any remaining 2019 shoots, and had my first few shoots of the year including my first wedding. It was a sweet and intimate 20 person wedding, which I absolutely loved.

This week, I fell right back into the swing of things with shoots and editing to stay on top of. Kind of crazy that it’s already mid-January, but there’s no time like the present. Trying to plan for the coming year in December just seems daunting. 

I’m excited about 2020 goals, business and personal! 

It’s been a year since I took my business full time. I am in shock. A YEAR! ALREADY!! The last year definitely had it’s ups and downs, but overall, I’m calling it a win! I met some personal and professional goals and am excited to kick off year two of full time photo. Last year, I wrote a similar post for 2019, so it was nice to go back and reflect the year. 

Here are business goals for this year

  • Capture more weddings and elopements, especially!
  • Give stock photos at try or license your work
  • Passive income!
  • Work smarter (and harder!). Focus on shoots that are in alignment with what you want to shoot and who you want to work with. 
  • Automate certain tasks 
  • Share more photography guides (engagement, wedding, etc)
  • Restructure pricing 
  • Shoot more food, wine, coffee
  • Back to posting to IG regularly
  • Try new networking events you haven’t been to before
  • Blog regularly again, it’s such a fun way to share what’s on my mind along with photos I’ve been taking


  • TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL! Some fun adventures are in the books, which also means I need to
  • Continue to eat clean and cook at home (we ate out a lot during the move and holidays)
  • Cutting out frivolous spending
  • Designate edit days and admin days and stick to boundaries within your business. Likewise, when you have time off, take it, and enjoy it! 
  • Practice being present in what you’re doing. When you’re working, work! When you’re relaxing, relax! 
  • Meditate every morning (I’m currently on a 100+ day run streak, so I want to stick to it!)
  • Express gratitude and do it often
  • Embrace your enthusiasm and continue to share it with others

If you read this

If you’re a client

If you’ve supported my business

If you’ve spoken kind words

If you’d referred me to anyone

If you’re a friend

If you’re a colleague

I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

Positive reinforcement is my jam, and I love the encouragement and support of my clients and community. I couldn’t do this with out you! 

Cheers to a great new year and new decade. We can do this!



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