Cooking with Anna: Breakfast Sando’s (great for dinner!)

Hey, hope everyone is safe and doing okay. This week has been a whirlwind, and now Sacramento officially has forced a ‘shelter in place’ order. I’m not sure what the next few weeks looks like, except that I’ll be safe at home, limiting trips to the grocery store. All my shoots the next few weeks have been rescheduled. Thinking of the positives, like being at home with my wife, spending time together along with our plants and cats. Having extra time at home with Anna is always welcomed, especially when a delicious meal is involved. She made breakfast sandwiches for us a couple times this week, and of course we had to photograph them! The recipe is simple, but delicious. I am grateful for the extra time to photograph her creations and take advantage of the beautiful natural light in our home. I’ll try to share more recipes and photos next week, this is a fun activity during some weird times. Much love and be safe.

Bacon Breakfast Sando’s


  • English muffins
  • eggs
  • bacon or sausage
  • ketchup or condiments 
  • cheese if you want

Fry up bacon or sausage

Cook Eggs. Anna fried them. If you’re afraid to flip your eggs in the pan, just add a few drops of water to make steam and cover with a lid

Toast english muffins in the oven with a piece of butter on each side

Add your favorite condiment and enjoy

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