Cooking with Anna: Fresh Baked Bread

We hopped on that bread making band wagon! We were finally able to get some yeast at the grocery store and decided to bake a loaf! I had made a ‘no knead’ recipe before and knew the process was fairly easy and the results would be delicious. I did a little research and ended up using this recipe. It really was so simple! All you need is flour, salt, yeast, and warm water. I also added a tablespoon of herbs de Provence. As the blog post shows, you can do a shorter version by adding a little sugar or honey to feed the yeast. Then you only have to let it rise for 2 or so hours. However, I had the time so I took the long route and let the bread rise for 18 hours before shaping it and baking it in a dutch oven. It baked for a total of 55min. The whole kitchen smelled amazing. The smell took me  right back to me and Christina’s favorite  boulangerie  in Portland. The end result was a beautiful loaf with a crusty exterior and an airy, light, tangy interior. We have been snacking on it all day. It makes great sandwich bread, toast, or just torn off by the chunk and slathered with butter (My preferred method).

Love, Anna (Christina’s wife)

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