Dagney Zinnia Patch July 2016

That’s Dagney. My lovely neighbor, turned friend, turned muse. We typically run into each other on our way to the garbage cans or laundry room, and always say hi in passing. One day we got to talking, and she mentioned modeling while I mentioned photographing. I knew our powers needed to combine. We got together early June to hang out and shoot for the first time. It was so splendid. Her effortless ability to pose and look into the camera like it’s your soul is just too good. I don’t have the right words for it, but she is so more than incredible in front of the camera. Taking direction so well, but then hardly needing any direction at all. What a gal! We ventured to the Metzger Zinnia Patch in Woodland, CA. It’s the most lovely patch of flowers. It’s open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to take flowers for themselves and for a senior citizen or old folks home. I’ve never met the Metzger family, but I sure think of them fondly.

Looking forward to future shoots with Dagney!

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