Fit Crawl


You may have heard me talk about FitCrawl before on Instagram. Think Pub Crawl, just with fitness!

The brains behind the operation is Erica! She wanted folks with different body types to be able to experience different types of exercise, so partnered with various fitness studios to open up their space to FitCrawl attendees. 

A typical FitCrawl Event includes a short work out at a few studios, so you can get pumped and try new workouts, followed by a meal or post-work out mixer after.

I had the pleasure of shooting the latest FitCrawl, which took place at Edge Studios at University Village in Sacramento. Edge offers all kinds of classes like cycle, climb, yoga, etc, so this particular FitCrawl took place at one location. It was different than usual though, the cycle and climb machines were brought outside to the courtyard at UV, while yoga occurred in it’s indoor studio.

It was super fun to shoot! The attendees were champs. Each exercise went in waves which lasted about 25 minutes, so everyone got to try each exercise. It was definitely motivating to get back to the gym (I went this morning!!).



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