Fourth of July Camping 2018

Nothing like a mid week escape to the lake to celebrate America’s birthday. We camped from Tuesday to Thursday at a Rollin’s Lake in Grass Valley, CA.

I’m so amazed by what beautiful bodies of water and nature are so close to us. This spot is about an hour away from where we live in Sacramento, but feels a lot further. 

We camped with my in laws and some of Anna’s cousins. Between two lake front camp sites it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

Across the water was a view of pine trees, and it was stunning. In the morning, there was a low fog over the water. The water was SO WARM! I could hardly believe how easy it was to stroll right in. We swam, we floated, we ate & drank, and swam some more. 

It’s been quite hard to get back into work after a mid week day off, but it sure was worth it to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family.

I kept my phone in airplane mode the entire time, and occasionally snapped photos on my DSLR.

I call my Canon 6d my “travel cam”. It’s typically my 2nd/back up body when I shoot weddings, but it comes in so handy on adventures. It’s light weight, and with a 50mm lens on it, perfect for capturing portraits of cute humans, yummy food, and beautiful landscape. 

The photos were taken between myself and Anna. I love that my wife had fun shooting with my camera. She did a great job and captured so many sweet moments of everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this personal post, had a wonderful holiday, and survived the rest of the work week! Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Until next time!

Christina xo

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