Galentine’s Blogger event at Hock Farm Sacramento 2017

Hey!! Happy Friday!

Welcome to Christina Best Photography. I am better at posting to Instagram than I am at blogging, so forgive my lack of posts. I hope your 2017 is off to a wonderful start, and I appreciate you stopping by my website/blog! 

I had the privilege of shooting a Sacramento Galentine’s day Blogger gathering at Hock Farm in Downtown Sacramento a few weeks ago! My friend Kachet of The Lipstick Giraffe along with Ruthie of Ruthie Ridley blog, planned the event. I work with Kachet regularly, so I was extra excited to shoot this special occasion. The Gals got to preview a few drinks and desserts from Hock Farm’s upcoming Valentine’s menu. Let me say, it sure was tasty! After I photographed everything and everyone, I was able to indulge. Pass another serving of dark chocolate crémeux over here, please!

It was fantastic to meet some new faces and catch up with familiar ones. The best part about photographing bloggers, is that they are all so good in front of the camera. It was great to give direction and see where each individual person took it. I do recall saying “work it!!” from behind the camera quite a bit. :) I love seeing all the points of view from each lady via their blog, and sharing my images with local brands. Be sure to check out everyone’s work!

In order of appearance: Kachet of  The Lipstick Giraffe, Ruthie of Ruthie Ridley Blog, Kristina of Occasionally Fashionable, Libier of Libier Reynolds, Haley of Colour Me Classic, Marie of Enhergy, Meaghan of Pebble & Pearl, Melinda of Melinda Watts, Katie of  Thrift Your Heart Out, and Vanessa of Babesicle

Thank you Hock Farm for opening up your dining room to us, and letting us sample such deliciousness. They are currently accepting reservations for Valentine’s. Snag a spot while you still can… especially so you can try one (or all) of the following that we sampled:

The Bird & The Bee 

Old Fashioned Banana Cocktail 

Sticky Toffee Pudding 

The Dark Chocolate Cremeux


xo, Christina

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