Heart sunk and happy

Just finished up a very fun and very busy two weeks. From shooting product photos, a wedding, maternity session, engagement session, and a few for-fun sessions I’ve taken more photos in the last two weeks than the rest of the year combined. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities and all the folks that put their trust in me to take their photos. I do not take that for granted. 

Amidst a time of celebration, my heart hurts for the terror, the violence, and bad in the world. It doesn’t feel right for me to celebrate when 50 innocent victims lost their lives to hate on Sunday in Orlando. I hope that we can learn from this- as individuals and as a nation. That as humans we can overcome hate, fear, racism, and stereotypes… that we can always love and accept each other and always forgive each other. With that, it also doesn’t feel right that one person can take away the joy that’s at the tip of my fingers, so I refuse to let them.

Here’s to all the good, all the love, all of the solidarity at this time. When something breaks, it gives us a chance to put it back together even better than before. I am so thankful for all of the good in my life, all of the opportunities, and especially for all of the love. #lovewins #loveislove

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