Monday Reflection Feb 25, 2019

Monday, here again, the beginning of the week, the fresh start of so many opportunities, tasks, to do lists, and more.

In this new chapter of business ownership, I’ve been trying to lock down a schedule for myself (keyword is trying). This obviously changes week to week based on shoots, events, holidays, and so many other elements. With that, I’d like to make Mondays a desk filled day. A day to do admin things like blog, set intention, send emails, track expenses/budget, and so much more! There are tons’ little projects included in business ownership. Taking photos is merely a fraction of all that I do. Taking time to do tasks each week will help me in the long run, and allow me to get a lot done. 

The last two Mondays were holidays, at least for my wife, so of course I had to take them off as well, albeit one of those Monday’s we did work a half day. I think technically I’ll follow the Sac Unified school district schedule for most of the year, leaving weekends for weddings, engagement sessions, and family sessions. I like working Monday-Friday, the Urban Hive is always busy and the energy of the space helps me get shit done. 

Saturday included my first wedding of the year! While I have a few thousand photos to cull and edit, I’ll set time aside each day to do that. I started culling and organizing the images this morning from my home desk, and switched to my Urban Hive desk to write this post, enjoy morning coffee, and review my schedule for the week. I could have easily stayed glued to my home computer and those beautiful wedding photos all day, I will enjoy it more once I’ve checked a few things off my to do list. 

The tasks I’m super excited for this week:

  • Cull Narayan’s wedding photos + start editing
  • Wild Heart Beauty headshots (and go back for a haircut!)
  • A few blogger shoots
  • Business networking events and meetings
  • Finish and send February newsletter

The tasks I could be more excited about:

  • Review budget and track expenses
  • Get prepared for tax meeting next week
  • Laundry (so much laundry)

If you’re curious how I stay on task, I have a few methods that work great for me:

  • Go to bed early and get up early
  • Drink lots of water and caffeinated beverages
  • Do a bit of cleaning and dishes each day so those tasks don’t get out of control by the week’s end
  • Start the day with hard tasks to get them done, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with the easy stuff to get motivated
  • Track tasks and schedule on iCal and on paper and review daily
  • Use task managers like Trello to help track long + short term tasks, it also makes a great place to brainstorm future activities 
  • Schedule time blocks to work on specific projects and schedule time to rest too! (trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!)
  • And blog about what you’re up to so you stay accountable for all the world to see!

That’s about it! What’s a photographer’s blog post even if it doesn’t include photos, so here are some favorites from the last week.

  • Sneak previews from Annie and Shawn’s wedding
  • Kayla and Shane’s engagement session
  • Portraits of Chelsea and Bee, fellow Urban Hive Members
  • The Blog Bloc monthly mixer
  • Shannon portraits in Old Sacramento
  • Promo photos for The Urban Hive’s Urban Jungle show opening this Friday.

Feeling extra blessed with the variety of work I’ve created (just in the last week), and all the spectacular people I’ve gotten to meet and work with! 

I freaking love my job!!

Okay, now back to work. 

Xoxo, Christina

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