Monday Reflection October 14th, 2019

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been.

I had the intention of blogging every Monday, Wednesday, Friday in October but that fell to the wayside when my wife Anna and I put our first ever offer on a house. We found out that offer didn’t go through last Monday, and in an effort to process my emotions and everything I learned about the home buying process, I neglected the blog. Starting back with the Blogtober challenge today! Hello! Here are updates.

House Hunters

If you’re curious to know, our house hunting journey has continued, and I’m excited to share more updates about that soon. I will say that it’s a whirlwind of a process, but I’m excited about homeownership and moving for the first time in ages.

It’s been easy to get caught up in reminiscing our home for the last 8 years, and likewise, daydreaming about the future. I’m reminded to focus on where I am, this moment, breathe, and appreciate that I once longed to be where I am now. 

Back to the present, or at least the last week. House hunting was not exactly something we anticipated doing this month, it just sort of happened. It’s funny though because we’ve been manifesting it for some time (ie: our Christmas card last year said “hoping to be homeowners by the end of 2019”. October is the busiest month of the year, filled with weddings on weekends and branding shoots during the week so part of me is like “why are we doing this now?”. I’m reminded that we’re never given more than we can handle. Each day has at least 16 waking hours, and by using that time wisely, we accomplish a lot. 

Recap of last week’s photoshoots

I want to talk about the last week and give a little recap on the awesome photos I’ve been able to capture, and share a few of them!

I’ll start with yesterday’s gorgeous shoot for Sean Minor Wines, hosted by my lovely friend Kachet. She orchestrated a beautiful sunset dinner. I love lifestyle shoots like these, just capturing people enjoying delicious food, wine, company, and all the details that make it so beautiful.

I took Friday and Saturday off for an annual family reunion at Lake Camanche. Took a few photos for fun, plus, I’m always in charge of the family photo! 

Thursday I had a branding session for a couple that are starting a new business together! I love being apart of a new and growing businesses, helping people show who they are and capturing their personalities to help gain clients and grow.

Early last week I shot the CUTEST cake smash for a sweet one year old at the cactus garden. Her birthday’s theme is cacti, so the cactus garden was the perfect spot to shoot. Thankfully both her parents were there to project her from going after prickly things! 

I also photographed a team meeting and headshots for a commercial landscape company, Delta Landscape, that focuses on sustainability and building relationships with clients. 

Finished editing a couple sessions too! This includes Kyle and Shemida’s wedding gallery! It is a stunner and I can’t wait to share a blog post devoted to their beautiful wedding. Plus, Misty and the babes of the Wild Heart Beauty team, and my new pal Zuza!

The end

That’s about it for the last week. I’m feeling calm and present today, and am excited to get caught up on culling and editing photos. If you made it here, thank you for reading! I love to ramble, but writing helps me process and I’m thankful to those care about what I have to say.

Now for the good stuff, the visuals! Here’s just a snippet of a few photos that are ready to go. Back to editing! Will be sure to blog more of these sessions soon!



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