Rebecca and Vinh Engagement

How lovely it is to spend a couple hours with two people in love.

I met Rebecca and Vinh at one of my favorite places to shoot, the UC Davis Arboretum.

I swear you could shoot there every day and happen upon a different place you’ve never seen before. 

After having to reschedule due to rain, and almost rescheduling again, we made it through the shoot with out a drop of rain! 

It was quiet at the arboretum because it had sprinkled a bit in the morning, but with spring in the air, it was the perfect time to shoot.

We started at the Redwood Groove, which feels like you’re in muir woods. We made our way down to the California native plants garden, and kept walking along trails. We saw beautiful daffodils, magnolias, and so many other flowers in bloom or just starting to emerge from their winter slumber. 

Just the right amount of sun was shining and the clouds diffused it in such a way that made for bright and even lit photos (one of this photographer’s favorite lighting scenarios!). Sometimes when it’s cloudy it can get too dark, or other times make light splotchy, but this was just right. 

We ended up at the Mondavi center and took a different route back that I usually take. We found some more greenery and a beautiful yellow bush that I’m unsure of the name of.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram lately, you know I’ve been into a yellow phase on my feed and have been trying to photograph yellow foliage. Rebecca remembered this and totally obliged my current yellow obsession. That made me so happy! 

Thank you Rebecca and Vinh, for spending a springy March morning with me at the arboretum. I can’t wait for your wedding this summer and am excited to capture your love and marriage! 

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