Sasha and Dylan

Really wonderful shoot for the books! Sasha and Dylan met me at the UC Davis Arboretum over the weekend. We got a break between the rain, and the sun just barely came out to play during our shoot. Thank goodness! 

We started at the Redwood Groove and made our way down the Arboretum trail (which is 3.5 miles long, I really want to walk the full length soon!) and made our way down towards the pond, stopping at blooming bushes and trees along the way.

Dylan and Sasha just had their two year anniversary, so it was really special to help celebrate such a sweet occasion with my camera! They are a really sweet couple, and were fun getting to know while taking photos and admiring Sasha’s hair.

I especially love the glow in some of the photos, thanks to the dark clouds with sun shinning through. I had a really fun time editing them, and love having new faces in front of my camera. For the camera folks, I mostly used my Canon 5d Mark III with a 100mm lens and a Canon 60d with a 35mm lens. 

The Davis Arboretum is such a nice place to shoot. I love that every time I go, something different is in bloom, and you find a different path to follow or bridge to cross. 

So thankful to the places my camera takes me and and the people I get to meet along the way.

Thanks for reading along. Until next time!

Love, Christina

PS. Sasha has a blog that you can see here and on Instagram @sashabonar

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