Saturday with Anna

Anna and I had a day off together on Saturday and I planned a “Saturdate” for us, including brunch, flowers, photos, a movie, take out, and a lot of relaxing in between. 

We started the morning with brunch at Beast and Bounty! Their brunch was amazing! We had an eggs Benedict pizza and shrimp avocado toast.

Shannon of Thistle and Honey florals was hosting a pop up shop and selling flower wraps just across the street, so after brunch we got the sweetest springy bouquet. I loved the roses and orange ranunculus, they’re just so cheery! 

We headed home, and since the sun was shining, we went for a walk around the block and took a bunch of photos. I hadn’t taken portraits of Anna in a while and was so happy to have her in front of my camera again. She took some photos of me too. We stopped in front of the coolest bushes on our block, and found some lovely pink camellias.

The afternoon was spent relaxing before heading to Esquire IMax for Turtles 3d, a film about the lifecycle of a turtle. Anna’s always loved turtles, but I got pretty into them when we went to Maui last summer and bonded with some turtles. Turtles are essential to life as they have symbiotic relationships with other sea life. Learning their importance made me love them even more. Just a reminder to limit your plastic use, don’t little, and start reusing (water bottles and straws are a great place to start).

That was the gist of our Saturdate. Here are my favorite photos from our neighborhood walk, hope you enjoy!

For Anna- thanks so much for loving me and letting me spoil you Saturday. You make me so happy, and I love doing life with you!!


On another note, It’s been one month of solo entrepreneurialship! It’s been a great month so far. I’ve been learning a ton, working a ton, and finding a better balance of work and taking care of myself. I’m going to the gym regularly again and have been taking at least one weekend day off if not the entire weekend. I have been shooting a lot for work and for play, and the balance of both has me very inspired. Thankful for new connections, friends, and clients.

I spend most days working at the Hive, but have a work from home day once a week so I can do laundry and hang with the cats. I’ve been shooting a ton, networking a ton, and make time each day to focus on business, learning, and growth.

I’m working on newsletter number two, which will be sent before the end of February (hold me accountable!!). Sign up here!

Thanks for reading, and for all the love and support.

Always, Christina

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