September 2018 Updates

Mid-September is here. I simultaneously can’t believe it, and am also feeling “why isn’t it January yet”. With that, I’ll say that I have a lot going on (don’t we all), but after a relaxing summer, the busiest fall of my life is here/it’s happening/it’s now. I remind myself every day to take it one day at a time, do what I can to make tomorrow easier, and find joy in the simplest of things/moments (ie: how cloudy it is today, pansies in our garden that are blooming, new music, and more)

With 10 weddings between September and October, plus a few in November, (shooting for myself, Capture Create Studios, Elegant Events, Hailey Ayson, etc), along with a handful of other shoots, my cameras and editing queue are busy. I’m also trying to book weddings for 2019 (if you know anyone tying the knot, send them my way), hang out with my beautiful wife, keep the house clean, work out, and eat well… and of course blog and share work on social (which has gotten surprisingly hard).

I’m taking my business full time by the end of the year, while simultaneously training my replacement and leaving my position at Parabo Press in good hands. I’m so excited and so scared, but think it’s finally time to fully devote myself to photography. I truly want to see the magic and work I make out of this amazing career. 

I started my role as a docent at the amazing Urban Hive, in exchange for full time desk space.

After a few months of celebratory eating mode, aka lots of cookies, Anna and I have taken a chance on whole30 and are eating clean for the next month. We’re about 3 days in, and it’s going great, but the dishes and cooking are plentiful. 

I suppose that’s all I can think of at the moment. Working on editing shoots for Tidy Revival, and soon to be parents Chayla and Aaron. Hope to be sharing work from those shoots soon!

Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for reading and supporting Christina Best Photography. It truly means the world. xo

Here’s a photo of me that my loving wife took last month in case you forgot what I look like. ;)

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