The Blog Bloc Pizza Guys Mixer

The Blog Bloc is an organization of bloggers in the Sacramento area. My lovely friend and collaborator, Kachet, founded it when she recognized the need for a blogger organization here. I love attending their monthly mixers. I always learn something new, get to network a bunch, and have been inspired to blog thanks to it.

I missed July’s mixer because I was Mauimooning, but was so happy I was around for the August Mixer and got to shoot it! It was at Pizza Guys HQ in Rancho. Pizza Guys started in Sacramento and is a franchise that has spread all over California. Their pizza is delicious.

Let me tell you about their headquarters. From the outside, it didn’t look like much, but walking through the doors, it was like you were on the streets of Italy. It was decorated so nicely, and even has an operating Pizza Guys inside. I was so impressed. The CEO, Shahpour Nejad, was there and he was SO enthusiastic about having a group of bloggers around. It was so nice. His team put out food for us and I even saw him snag a ‘muncheez’ (basically a potatoe-cheesy jalapeno bite), chow it down, and say “those are my favorite”. It was awesome.

They even had a Pizza Guys backdrop set up, which was great for me to take photo booth style photos.

I am craving their pizza again so much right now just writing this! I definitely recommend Pizza Guys if you’re in the mood for some ‘za.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite photos from the event!

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