Tuesdays Together

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” I’m not sure who said it, but I know how true it is. 

I recently joined the Rising Tide Society, a group of local creative entrepreneurs who know the successes and struggles of owning and operating their own business. 

My friend and fellow creative, Andy of Why Girls Go Astray, informed me of this group… and turns 80% of the attendees were also photographers. She said to me- “you found your tribe”! How true is that? Haha. As a small and growing creative entrepreneur, I found a lot of comfort being surround by fellow photog’s. To ask questions to folks with more experience than myself is totally priceless. To feel accepted and respected amongst people I admire; also priceless.

Just finished my 2nd meet up with this inspiring group where we discussed pricing. Pricing can be tough when you own your own business. It’s important to value yourself, and to get paid enough to live doing what you love. The best advice from tonight’s meeting was to own your prices, and be confident in valuing yourself. If you value yourself, your clients will value you as well. 

I must mention that the 1st Tuesdays Together I attending was about social media marketing, which is why I’ve been trying to blog more! :D

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