Urban Jungle at The Urban Hive

Honestly, it’s a dream come true when your coworking space turns into a jungle.

I love The Urban Hive, and have been obsessed since my first visit here last March. Wow, a year ago this month! There are usually flowers and succulents at the front desk and plants in the kitchen, but I always imagine vines hanging from the the light fixtures.

This dream came true in a whole new way with The Urban Jungle, a living art show at the Urban Hive that opened on Friday evening. Local artists and plant businesses decorated the space with greenery, dried plants, and other living art. Having so much life and green in the space has been so beautiful. The opening reception was a hit. I’m so thankful I got to bring Anna with me and shoot the event.

Was lovely to see the hard work of my Hive team, and run into some old friends and meet some new ones! There was coffee, green juice, a coloring station, beignets, plants to buy, places to sit and relax, and so much beauty to admire! The energy in the room was contagious. 

Here are some favorite photos from The Urban Jungle! If you love plants and have been wanting to check out the Hive, come visit me or schedule a tour so you can see the living art in action. 

Thank you to all the artists, vendors, and businesses that contributed, and the Hive for putting on such a lively show:

Alli Okumura of Propagate 

Adam Wever-Glen 

Sophia de Young of Botanical Preserves 

Trent Dean 

Carole Daly 

Sara Rippenkroeger of Project Mimosa 

Meagan Lewis 

Exotic Plants



DJ music set by: Zeynep Tunay Stanich

Thank you all for bringing life and color into the space!



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