Weatherstone Vibes

Writing to you from Old Soul at the Weatherstone coffee house in Midtown Sac. It’s beautiful here. They have delicious coffee and food, and a patio that’s so gorgeous I don’t ever want to leave. Sitting under a maple tree, it’s leaves are glowing as they’re lit by the sun. There’s a fountain next to me. It’s so zen, and one of my favorite new places to get work done. 

After yesterday’s distractions, I went for a walk and decided to edit at home, in the dark. I nearly completed a project as I listened to the soothing sounds of Bob Ross while he painted happy little trees and clouds. Today was a day devoted to chores and editing… so I ran a few errands in the morning, and Anna and I arrived at Old Soul early this afternoon. I finished another editing another project, and arranged photos from a recent wedding. 

It’s so nice to get out of my usual home office and get work done in a refreshing new environment. I’m spending more money on coffee this month than usual, but it’s worth every cup! Besides, I just ran out of coffee at home, so gotta get that caffeine buzz somewhere!

Just want to note that I’m proud of my work lately. As I get through my current projects, I smile when I see the work I’ve created and how far I’ve come in just a few years. I hope you do things that make you proud of yourself today. It feels good! xo

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